DAF2: Anti-Covid19 Sprayer

  • Proven
  • Easy to use
  • Safe

According to the WHO, the virus can live on surfaces and objects for days: contamination on surfaces is one of the main ways of spreading COVID-19.

Our DAF2 sprayer is the ideal disinfection device for indoor and outdoor surfaces, used by cleaning professionals in both the public and the private sectors.

The DAF2 can be used in:

  • municipalities (playgrounds, administrative buildings)
  • hospitals
  • schools and universities
  • offices and warehouses
  • shopping malls

Technical parameters

Total volume: 24 l

Operating pressure: 4-6 bara

Time of continuous operation: 5-30 minuta

Work time between charges: 8-12 sati

Battery charging time: 5-8 sati

Our specialists can provide ad-hoc training in accordance with the clients’ needs.

Why do our clients choose DEKONTA?

Our highly experienced CBRN team has already developed many types of equipment to professionally handle chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear threats. Our devices have been used by the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Prague Public Transport, hospitals, fire-fighter units and many others. Whether you are providing a local sanitization service or disinfecting personal property, DEKONTA has a proven solution for you.