Environmental research and development

DEKONTA has a long-standing tradition in R&D activities oriented mainly on the progressive and perspective technologies, procedures and equipment for commercial application.The development of innovative technologies for remediation of contaminated sites and for hazardous waste treatment is conducted by highly experienced team of experts.

Our research is currently focused on the following topics:

In-situ Decontamination of Groundwater

  • In-situ Chemical Oxidation (PDF III)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Enhanced Remediation
  • Nanotechnologies (PDF)
  • Thermally Enhanced Anaerobic Dechlorination

Advanced Physico-Chemical Methods for Soil and Water Treatment

  • Photochemical Oxidation (PDF)
  • Electrocoagulation of Heavy Metals
  • Thermal Desorption (Classical & Microwave Heating) (PDF)
  • Membrane Contactors for Organic Pollutants Removal

Constructed Wetlands for Waste Water Treatment

  • Wetlands for Domestic and Agriculture Pollution Control (PDF)
  • Sewage Sludge Treatment
  • Water Storage and Reuse

Waste Air Treatment

  • Thermophilic Biofiltration
  • Photochemical Oxidation
  • Odour Compounds Removal Using Plasma
  • Catalytic Microwave Treatment

Advanced Biotechnological Processes

  • Co-composting of Contaminated Soil (PDF)
  • Biodrying for Waste Sludge Treatment
  • Mycoremediation