Construction of wastewater treatment system – Constructed wetland in Bogušići, Goražde

Project Construction of Wastewater Treatment System – Constructed wetland in Bogušići, Gorazde started in January 2017, and the planned duration of the Project is 3 years. The construction of the system is financed by the Czech Development Agency, and Dekonta co-finances part of the construction costs with its funds. The city of Goražde is the owner of the system and the system will be managed by it. All necessary permissions were obtained.

In the first phase, the project is intended to serve 75EP, some of which will meet the needs of 150EP, i.e. the entire settlement. The project is in its final construction phase, followed by a period of testing and monitoring of the water to be discharged.

The City of Gorazde has developed the Main Project of the sewerage network to the wetland, and the partial construction of the network will be funded by the Environmental Protection Fund.